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Opulence Chain


A sleek, slinky chain that effortlessly wraps around your neck, enhancing every outfit and elevating your style game to new heights. It’s not just a necklace; it’s a statement.

It’s like that one friend who fits in everywhere and gets along with everyone. Pair it with a casual tee, and it adds a dash of trendy charm. Dress up for a special occasion, and it oozes with chic sophistication. It’s a match, no matter what you wear.

It loves to mingle with other necklaces; layer it with your favorite pendants, chokers, or chunky chains for an effortlessly chic look. Trust us; it’s the piece that will have your friends asking, “Where did you get that?!”

Length: 42cm with a 5cm extender. Width: 3mm


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Each piece features an 18k gold-plated finish on a stainless steel base. This ensures that our jewellery is both waterproof and tarnish-resistant, affording you the liberty to wear these pieces everyday.

To further enhance your comfort, our jewellery is crafted to be nickel, lead, and copper-free. This feature eliminates the risk of green or blue marks on your skin, making our jewellery an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

Over time, you may observe a deepening of the gold colour, however, in no way will the colour fade.

To preserve the longevity of your MadeByZahra jewellery, kindly adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Avoid Contact with Perfumes, Lotions, and Harmful Chemicals: Protect your jewellery from substances that may compromise its finish and resilience. Example, perfumes, chlorine, bleach etc.
  2. Remove Before Workouts/Sleep: Ensure your jewellery is safely stored away before engaging in physical activities, preventing undue stress and wear.
  3. Pat Dry if Wet: In the event of moisture exposure, gently pat your jewellery dry with a soft cloth to prevent water-induced blemishes.
  4. Store with Care: When not in use, store your jewellery in a cool, dry box or pouch to maintain its pristine appearance.

MadeByZahra’s jewellery invites you to embrace sophistication and grace; the perfect pieces to complement your style, while enjoying the assurance of uncompromising quality.


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